Welcome to TMR-Zoo!

We are a group of several guitar posers. We do useless guitar gear reviews that nobody reads or cares about for any gear manufacturer stupid enough to allow us to showcase their stuff with our shitty guitar playing and poor recording skillz.

Instead of staying here on our own turf we like to get the whole gang of us to team troll Seymour Duncan's forum and turn it into a steaming pile of shit (most posters of value there left). And thanks to Securb's intimate sphincter relationship with one of the mods (jeremy), they let us stay instead of permabanning us.

We also have a contact form that isn't broken and actually works, but then again, we're professionals.

And we don't use noob hosting like GoDaddy... we actually own the internet. *wink*

We're looking for gear review suggestions for our blog! Contact us below!

About us

my name is Bruce and me and my buddy Screech and my lover Jeremy the mod from Seymour Duncan forum started this professional blog to help us figure out how to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. Because weve struggled for decades getting the riff down. I mean, Ritchy Blackmore, amiright? someday.....

Trevorus the Modsterbator from SDUGF is our Moderator (BIO HERE)

Were thinking about adding babes to our blog as a cheap way to get members to sign up. Some people might say that's a pretty lame schtick, but we disagree.

In my spare time I like to troll guitar forums, make fun of guitarists way better than me and pretend like I can play the guitar and am super experienced and stuff. It must be working becasue all the noobs over there worship at my feet. The name dropping helps establsih my forum cred too.

I mean, I went to MIT after all. Didnt graduate, but still...

I also like long walks on the beach and champagne and chocolates.

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